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    Introducing Luv Life Coaching

    This week we are excited to introduce you to our sister company Luv Life Coaching! A passion to support the healing and well-being of others is the seed that started us both on this incredible journey with The Cedars Ranch. Luv Life Coaching is part of that vision - helping equip couples with the tools to develop wonderful fulfilling life-long partnerships.The decision to create Luv Life Coaching with its couples coaching programs was fueled by having directly experienced the pain that unhealthy...  Read More...

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    Your Feedback - Speakers, Programs & Events

    We here at The Cedars Ranch have been busy developing a schedule of speakers, programs and events for our first year of operation, i.e. September 2018 – September 2019. Up until now, we have mostly been focusing on the wedding market, but The Cedars Ranch will offer much more than a place for wedding and celebration. It's super exciting for us to start to strategize and plan for our first year.   Read More...