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    Yurt Floor Plan

    Work continues on our yurt construction this week. The start of the week saw a lot of electrical work being done. You can see the electric outlets cut into the yurt platform below ... With a peak under the yurt decking, you can see the box is in place ... Here's Bill checking out some of the yurt floor plan details that are been drawn on the subfloor.   Read More...

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    12 Days of Painting!!

    Let me tell you all - it has been a busy busy week! We have been working from sun up to sun down, painting all the yurt boards. Whew!   Read More...

  • Lessons Learned Thanks to the RV

    Usually we will be using this spot in your week to update you. Today we include a few pictures of recent additions and “events” but decided on a more reflective focus also. Relaxation is important to Bill and I but also what we want The Cedars to offer to others. Cedars are actually symbolic, as a plant, meaning healing and restoration.   Read More...