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WAGala Fundraiser

October 2019

Photos by Jill Wedel

"Our event was fabulous from start to finish. Brenda was so easy to work with and her organization made it very simple for us to get our paperwork in order. The venue is great for vendors to set up, easy to access with large equipment, and everyone is so helpful! The entire evening went without a hitch and everyone LOVED the outdoor feel. It is Hill Country at it's best! Thanks Bill & Marilyn for a wonderful fundraising event, we couldn't be happier!"

Maeghen Strahm, WAG Event Coordinator

“The Cedars Ranch was the ideal Hill Country location for the 2019 WAGala. Beautifully designed buildings set in the heart of nature. The spaces were perfect for this event!” 

Jane Little, WAGala Wimberley Sponsor

“It was a great evening. We are exceptionally pleased. “We really appreciated Brenda's (operations manager) pre-event checklist so that we got our ducks in a row in a timely manner. Other venues have not offered that kind of detail in writing or you had to dig through a long contract to find it. It was helpful that it was a separate document.””

Pat Davis, WAGala volunteer

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The Living Room

September 2019

Photos by Alisa Kuznetsova & Forest Soleil

"The Cedars Ranch was the best possible venue for our conference. Attendees loved the openness of the space, being near nature but with plenty of gorgeous buildings to gather in. I've held over 100 retreats and this was one of my favorite venues ever, both for the space design, beauty, and ease of working with Bill, Marilyn, and Brenda. 10/10!”

Sara Ness, The Living Room

“We chose The Cedars Ranch for its gentle yet wild beauty, and its combination of high-tech focus on environmental sustainability along with the low-tech soul-sustainability of integrating into the natural world. (Plus the owners are awesome!)”

Forest Soleil, Event Planner for The Living Room