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    True North

    Welcome back to The Cedars Ranch Blog! This will be our last blog post for the year, and we're excited to share our latest progress with you all before the year ends. And boy, what a year it has been!   Read More...

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    A Custom Design Love Story

    As things progress here at The Cedars Ranch, we are getting to that fun point in our new venue creation of installing fittings, fixtures and hardware. On this theme, we have a love story to share with you this week ... However, it may not be what you would imagine!   Read More...

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    We Are What We Create: Acre Architects

    SHAPING CULTURAL IDENTITY – OPERATING ON THE FRINGEArchitecture can convey stories. In the end architecture is something that rethinks the way we see ourselves and the way we live our lives. At their philosophical core, The Acre believes – WE ARE WHAT WE CREATE – and the beginnings of The Cedars Ranch is a testament to the values of a team that espouses this way of living.Building practice in a Canadian province with only 11 Architects under the age of 40, is a testament to the...  Read More...

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    Foundation From Sunrise to Sunset

    This week was a big week for The Cedars Ranch, as the foundation was poured for our new gorgeous dance hall! It's sunrise over The Cedars Ranch, and the activity is about to start ... Everyone's busy as the concrete is being poured ...The workers polish the newly poured concrete to ensure a smooth and even surface ...Such a big part of the story of The Cedars Ranch is its Canadian "roots". Not only because Marilyn is from Canada, but our amazing architects that have helped create this ...  Read More...

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    IT HAS BEGUN!! Yes, in all caps because we are that EXCITED!!! The construction of The Cedars Ranch event center has commenced!   Read More...

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    Dance Hall Reveal & Beautiful Butterflies!

    We’ve got another exciting reveal for you this week!! Our local architects, HA Architecture have been working on producing a rendering for the inside of our dance hall. Here’s Jamie mid creative process …Here is the newest dance hall design …We love seeing these spaces come to life!   Read More...