2018: The Vision

2018: The Vision

This new year we are all contemplating what 2018 will bring. What does 2018 hold for The Cedars Ranch? What will we be blogging about this time next year?! 2017 ended with the wonderful news that financing has been approved to develop our vision here at The Cedars Ranch. Here's a preview of what that means for us here in 2018 ...

Wedding Venue Campus

We anticipate that by the end of 2018, our event center campus will be completed and ready to host weddings, receptions, special events, corporate and wellness retreats. What you see in this beautiful architectural rendering above includes our dance hall (behind the trees and lights), the event bar (red building) and outdoor plaza. This time next year we imagine we'll be sharing wedding and special event shots amid this real life scene!

Dance Hall

The dance hall is the largest building that will be constructed at The Cedars Ranch this year. At about 3,500 sq ft, the dance hall will be a spacious, modern, light-filled dance and event space, with seating capacity for 200 guests.

It's open-air features will allow the structure to cool naturally, and help guests feel immersed in the nature surrounding them. This space includes a wooden dance floor, as well as beautifully appointed bridal lounge. 

The dance hall roof will be utilized as a means for solar collection using solar panels, generating all the energy we need for our campus. The building's 30 degree pitched roof is designed to optimize the annual solar power harvest, as well as showcasing the renewable energy generation feature. The merging of both beautiful and sustainable design!

Event Bar & Plaza

As many of you remember, this red metal barn was already onsite when we moved here. In 2016 we relocated it to its current site, on a new foundation bed which we colored red! This year the inside will be completed to create a fully functioning and furnished event bar with separate groom's lounge. Both the dance hall and event bar will be situated on this atmospheric outdoor plaza area, which will seat 250 guests amid our Live Oaks and Cedars.


In addition to the construction of our dance hall, outfitting of our event bar and development of our reception plaza, 2018 will see extensive site works and landscaping throughout much of our 20 acres at The Cedars Ranch. The site map below gives you an idea of the future development of pathways, parking areas, recreational areas (e.g. fire pit, bocce ball court), and the enhancement of our existing outdoor ceremony sites. 

Mission Statement 

"The Cedars Ranch provides a stellar natural setting, with inspiring modern architecture, creating physical and emotional space for celebration, personal growth and community building, while committed to environmental, social and economic sustainability."

Wishing you all a wonderful year full of realized dreams, abundant happiness and plenty of adventure! 

Bring it on 2018!! We're ready!!

Marilyn & Bill.

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