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    Momentous Moments & Moving In

    This week has been moving in week! What joy! While the yurt is still not fully completed inside, we have been making a lot of headway, and we're already reaping the benefits of our new "home"!Perhaps not the most glamorous place to start this week, but still important; our yurt septic tank went in on Wednesday and passed inspection!This week Bill and I became experts at IKEA assembly!! Here's one of our completed IKEA bookcases volunteering as a pantry in our yurt kitchen ...  Read More...

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    Yurt Floor Plan

    Work continues on our yurt construction this week. The start of the week saw a lot of electrical work being done. You can see the electric outlets cut into the yurt platform below ... With a peak under the yurt decking, you can see the box is in place ... Here's Bill checking out some of the yurt floor plan details that are been drawn on the subfloor.   Read More...