On Wednesday we will meet with The Acre to discuss many concepts and the overall plan for the land. It is so very exciting!

This vacation season has been peaceful and quiet, allowing for time to reflect and dream. Over the past several years Bill and I have both had opportunity to reduce what we own. (Moving multiple times helps with that!). We have before us this opportunity now to choose grandiose or to choose simplicity. There is no contest.

Simplicity wins.

Bill and I have each had times living in much bigger homes. Homes filled with stuff. I’d love to share some of the benefits that we have enjoyed in simplifying.

Some of these are humorous and yet still true.

* Less time looking for lost items
* Actually using what you enjoy
* Easier to clean smaller spaces with less stuff
* What you end up having as you purge is what you really like
* Less time is on management of stuff and more is on relaxing and enjoying people
* Fewer decisions about what to wear
* Usually know where your keys are
* Our souls feel less cluttered

So, with wonderful anticipation, we plan to build a beautiful, small home to live in.


Not ready for super duper tiny but we are so ready for simple. (This quote is moving - living close to each other really does encourage better communication and less withdrawing from each other). I also think that there’s a connection between simple and about being able to truly enjoy being in the moment. Fewer distractions, time to just be.

Building a place where people can come and find peace means we need to model and practice peace in all we do. How amazing to build in such obvious accountability for ourselves!

So, what does that mean for you? Where could you make your life more simple? Less cluttered?

Bill and this butterfly enjoyed a quiet moment of connection a few weeks ago. Thankfully Billy was there to capture this image. Simple. Beautiful. Peaceful.

From all of us at The Cedars to you, we wish you a year filled with peace, beauty and time to enjoy both!


Bill and Marilyn

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