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Rates & Facilities

Our Rates

High Season - March, April, May, June, September, October, November

  • $7500: Saturdays Rentals
  • $5500: Fridays, Sunday and Statutory Holiday Rentals 
  • $5000: Weekdays
  • $1000: Refundable Deposit
  • $12000: Full Weekend Rentals

Low Season - January, February, July, August, December

  • $5000: Any Day Rental
  • $1000: Refundable Deposit


Our venue will be ready for late Fall 2018 weddings. Contact us for more details. We'd love to hear from you!

Green Wedding

Are you looking for a place to get married that is both beautiful and respects your values around environmentalism? At The Cedars Ranch, your wedding will have a minimal environmental impact and small carbon footprint, due to our eco-friendly features and practices:

  • Solar panels powering full venue
  • Harvesting and treatment of rainwater
  • Native and water conscious landscaping
  • Mandatory recycling and composting practices
  • See our "Green" page for more details.
  • Visit our Pinterest board "Eco-friendly Wedding Ideas" for more ideas on how to green your own wedding.


  • Professional security 
  • Clean up staff
  • Damage deposit

On Request

Support Sheets

Here's some support sheets that you may find helpful: