Our Mission

Our Mission

Mission Statement

"The Cedars Ranch provides a stellar natural setting, with inspiring modern architecture, creating physical and emotional space for celebration, personal growth and community building, while committed to environmental, social and economic sustainability."

A passion to support the healing and well-being of others is the seed that started us on this journey with The Cedars Ranch. Both of us have experienced the power of healing and support that has allowed us to change faulty thinking, choose healthier behaviors and enjoy deeper levels of both joy and peace. The Cedars Ranch is built on a foundation that we have been weaving together for years. 

There are three prongs to our vision and they overlap and intertwine:

  • We are creating a space for celebrations - weddings, reunions, special events etc. 
  • We are creating intentional space for wellness - be that relationship healing and growth, yoga, guided retreats, wellness weekends, etc. 
  • We are creating space for corporate and business use - for strategizing, for visioning, for team building.

All of these 3 purposes have at their core our key values:

  • We want wedding parties and wedding guests to experience peace and healing as part of their experience at The Cedars Ranch. 
  • We want wellness professionals (and there are so many kinds) to enjoy The Cedars Ranch as a place that supports their calling and offers space that encourages the growth and wellness of their clients. 
  • We want companies to come and lead their team to healthier relationships, a place where they can make a more positive and significant impact on our world. 

Environmental responsibility and sustainability are central values in the development and operation of The Cedars Ranch. Being eco-conscious, climate responsible, and simply just "smart" in how we use natural resources, feels good to us, is good for the planet and makes good business sense too. You can read more about our Triple Bottom Line approach at The Cedars Ranch, how we are embracing going "Green".