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    Debut Wellness Event at The Cedars Ranch

    The day we'd all been waiting for finally arrived! Last Saturday, April 27th, The Cedars Ranch hosted its first event! We are now officially "open"!! Early Saturday morning, as the sun streamed down on this little piece of Texas Hill Country heaven, we welcomed guests from near and far, to our debut wellness event "Fierce Self-Compassion: Unplug Your Inner Critic".Flowers harvested from our organic flower garden, welcoming guests at registrationThis has been our drea...  Read More...

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    Our Logo Origin Story

    Did you know that our names, Marilyn and Bill, are included within The Cedars Ranch logo? They are inscribed in Celtic ogham script as the second and fourth ‘tree’ that you can see here within our logo design for The Cedars Ranch. Ogham is an ancient Celtic alphabet, where each letter is represented by a mark on a central vertical line.So how did this come to be?   Read More...

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    The Story of Place: HA Architecture

    We have to say, it is incredibly rewarding to see your client's dreams begin to literally take shape and even more touching to share those moments with them on site... We are HA Architecture and though it is often said form may follow function we also believe form follows fiction. In this case, this is a story about collaboration, dreaming big and believing we all seem to be a verb.PHOTOS: Art Barn + Garden Folie at The Cedars Ranch (left) and Site Development in studio (right)The story of p...  Read More...

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    We Are What We Create: Acre Architects

    SHAPING CULTURAL IDENTITY – OPERATING ON THE FRINGEArchitecture can convey stories. In the end architecture is something that rethinks the way we see ourselves and the way we live our lives. At their philosophical core, The Acre believes – WE ARE WHAT WE CREATE – and the beginnings of The Cedars Ranch is a testament to the values of a team that espouses this way of living.Building practice in a Canadian province with only 11 Architects under the age of 40, is a testament to the...  Read More...

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    The Start of Something Truly Wonderful

    Hi. Brenda Ryan here, The Cedars Ranch operations and sustainability manager. I'm really happy to be writing this blogpost, and sharing with you all this week. Most of the time I work for The Cedars Ranch from my home office in South Austin.   Read More...