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    Yurt: All Hands On Deck

    Amid all the excitement of our dance hall construction, work has still been continuing on the yurt. For the past few weeks Gary Woolfolk and Bill have been building a railing surrounding the raised yurt deck. Here's Gary and Bill hard at work ...   Read More...

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    Foundation From Sunrise to Sunset

    This week was a big week for The Cedars Ranch, as the foundation was poured for our new gorgeous dance hall! It's sunrise over The Cedars Ranch, and the activity is about to start ... Everyone's busy as the concrete is being poured ...The workers polish the newly poured concrete to ensure a smooth and even surface ...Such a big part of the story of The Cedars Ranch is its Canadian "roots". Not only because Marilyn is from Canada, but our amazing architects that have h...  Read More...

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    Cedars Focus Group

    Even though we are still in the early stages of our dance hall construction and site development, this is the time when we need to pin down key structural and design decisions such as where we need electricity outlets, what are our lighting requirements, and certain traffic flow considerations throughout the site. To this aim, our local project architect Jamie Crawley of HA Architecture convened a meeting here at The Cedars Ranch this week with some key wedding professionals, to help us make the...  Read More...

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    Magic of Spring!

    While construction had to slow down this week due to the rain, the garden has been coming back to life! Our broccoli and brussel sprouts have been loving all this rain ...We saw this quote recently, and felt it was appropriate for noticing the beauty of Spring around us here at The Cedars Ranch: "The world is full of magic things patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper." ~ W.B. YeatsWe planted a bunch of bluebonnets, but these guys came up on their own in the garden granite!   Read More...

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    Here Come The Plumbers

    Moving along with the exciting momentum of breaking ground last week, the next step is preparing our dance hall site for plumbing. Here are the plumbing crew on site... The team must first measure and mark out where the trenches will go for the eventual plumbing ... Chase is the lead plumber on the team, and is captured here keeping an eye on everything!Time for the big guns! Once measurements are final, it's time to cut some trenches!Trenches are dug and the ground is covered as ...  Read More...