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    Green Grants & Incentives

    Here at The Cedars Ranch, being eco-conscious, climate responsible, and respectful and efficient in how we use natural resources is an important part of how we want to do business. To this aim, we have been researching available support out there in terms of grants and incentives for going “green”. Is there financial assistance available to help us develop a renewable energy campus?   Read More...

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    Irish Family at The Cedars Ranch

    Recently we had the good fortune to be visited by our Irish family! Brenda Ryan, our Operations and Sustainability Manager (aka our right-hand woman) is from Ireland, and her parents, even though a continent away, have been supporting us every step of the way since the beginning. It has meant so much to Bill and I to receive their many comments on our social media posts, or private messages of encouragement and friendship along the way. So what a delight it was for everyone, that they trave...  Read More...