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    Permaculture Queens

    For the past few weeks Marisa Negri has been volunteering every Wednesday at The Cedars Ranch, helping our gardener Paige Dunlap. This week we go behind-the-scenes with Marisa! Here she is pruning some flowers in our garden …We met Marisa one evening when Bill and I were out for dinner.   Read More...

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    Come Join The Wimberley Garden Tour!

    This week we're excited to announce that The Cedars Ranch will be featured in this Saturday's Wimberley Garden Tour! Presented by the Wimberley Garden Club, and joined by the Wimberley Valley Art League, The Cedars Ranch will be one of 7 “unique gardens” visited by participants on the annual tour of gardens in the Wimberley area.Come join us for a wonderful day! For more information visit the Wimberley Garden Club website: Let’s have a quick BEFORE and AFTER glim...  Read More...

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    The Seeders

    It’s not all brides, make-up and glamorous style shoots here at The Cedars Ranch! We’re still working hard from the ground up, creating the best possible environment here at The Cedars!In keeping with our focus on sustainable landscaping, and doing what’s best for our Texan ranch land, we’ve been focusing on restoring some of the rough open space near the front of the property to native grassland. For the past week or so, a team of permaculturists* led by Shannon Bro...  Read More...