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    Garden Peek

    Today we take a little peek through our organic flower garden …While all the activity and excitement is happening at our new venue great hall and event bar nearby, our garden remains a peaceful haven here at The Cedars Ranch.Our raised flowerbeds are overflowing in all kinds of beautiful plants and flowers. The fall is one of the best seasons to enjoy our flourishing organic flower garden. It's going to be such a gorgeous location for intimate wedding ceremonies next year.   Read More...

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    Stars of the Garden

    This week we thought we'd give you a little break from construction news at The Cedars Ranch, and head over to our flower garden for a little rest and inspiration! From the rear of the great hall, we view the enclosed flower garden nearby …Even though we are in the height of a scorching Texan Summer, our garden is flourishing thanks to our focus on native and drought tolerant species. Here we peek through the fence to our little garden haven within! Without doubt, the star o...  Read More...

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    A Garden Visit

    Take a little break today and come visit our garden here at The Cedars Ranch! Bill's son Billy Orr, professional photographer living close by in Austin, visited recently and had some fun taking photos in the garden. We've been enjoying spending time in our flourishing organic garden, making sure it's ready to host small wedding ceremonies in the coming months. Visit our "Wedding Special" webpage for our current garden wedding ceremony offer. Aren't these poppies gorgeous?   Read More...

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    Why Native Plants Matter

    Recently Bill (and Marilyn a little) took a course at Texas’ official Botanical Garden, Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center on Native Plants. This is an amazing center with lots to see, classes and amazing resources based on constant research.We thought it would be fun to share some of what we learned. We learned it for Texas but the principles apply everywhere.   Read More...

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    Garden Abundance & Beauty

    Our garden and orchards are abounding in beauty, growth and activity. They are such fun places to be! Thanks to our permaculture gardener Paige Dunlap for all her sweet nurturing of our soil, plants and flowers.   Read More...

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    Nature Photo Challenge

    With working outside lately to prepare for our yurt (more about that next week!), plus all the excitement of the solar eclipse, we've been focusing on the outdoors this week, and the beauty and wonder therein!In particular, this week a facebook friend nominated me for a Nature Photo Challenge - to post a photo of nature on my facebook page every day for 7 days. I duly accepted! Will you?Nature Photo Challenge Day 1:Loving the variety of butterflies in the garden ...Nature Photo Challenge Day 2:P...  Read More...