Our Dream


Our Dream

Welcome to Marilyn & Bill's Excellent Adventure!

“In April of 2009 we met, online. Marilyn lived in New Brunswick, Canada. Bill lived in Massachusetts, USA. During our dating relationship we discovered that we each had a dream to build and run a wellness retreat center. It just seemed like a far off dream!

That dream received a formative gift when Bill’s daughter Alyssa was looking for a beautiful spot to be married in the Texas Hill Country. The scouting happened in the Spring of 2013 for a 2014 Fall wedding.

The process made it obvious that there was high demand and still room for more supply of venues in the Hill Country for weddings in particular. With this kind of demand a business model that would also allow for creating a beautiful venue for personal retreats, corporate team-building, wellness seminars and other celebrations became feasible.

Arriving in Austin in October of 2014, we immediately fell in love with the city of Austin and began to get to know the Hill Country better. Wimberley, TX soon became the favorite get-away place. In addition to the adorable town itself (great restaurants, great shops, beautiful) was the town’s commitment to sustainability, an important value for us both.

In March 2015 Brenda Ryan began supporting me (Marilyn) in my business and executive coaching company (Capacity Building Coaching). After a couple of months, hearing us discuss our dream Brenda highlighted the fact that she indeed had a Master’s degree in Sustainable Development. This surprise gift is one of many that The Cedars Ranch has received and the richness and wisdom that Brenda is bringing to this project is immeasurable!

The hunt for land began and the arrival on the scene of Garth (Bill) Robinson (who here after shall be known, affectionately, as “Agent Bill”). The quest was sadly paused with the horrible Memorial weekend floods in Wimberley (and surrounding areas). Just when it seemed time to put the dream on a respectful hold Agent Bill found the land that is now “The Cedars”. The first of 2 10-acre lots closed in early September 2015 and the second in early November 2015.

Wanting both incredibly beautiful and sustainable design, we hired brilliant and award-winning Acre Architects. We are also working with local architect, Jamie Crawley, HA Architecture.

Timing, people coming in to our lives, gifts of money, “chance meetings”, incredible new friendships are flowing in to us and we can only conclude that The Cedars Ranch is meant to be and that we have simply been tasked with being its doula. The story of The Cedars Ranch truly is the story of many gifts and blessings.

Our team and our dream continues to grow and flourish. Thank you for sharing this excellent adventure with us!"

- Marilyn & Bill Orr, The Cedars Ranch

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