5 Resiliency Tips During This Pandemic

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5 Resiliency Tips During This Pandemic

The time we are in now is unprecedented. None of us will get through the next month untouched. So, how do we support our resilience in the days and weeks ahead?

1. Kindness

When our resources appear threatened most of us are tempted to move solidly in to self-protect mode. Whether that is hoarding toilet paper or ignoring limiting recommendations because they are inconvenient, the attitude behind fearful self-protection will not help!

When I focus on making choices that are kind to others it reminds me that there is enough and that there are many others being selfless and kind doing beautiful things in really difficult circumstances. I’m seeing so many amazing kindnesses emerge right now - what are you noticing?

Floral bouquets at our Fierce Self-Compassion event, April 2019 | Photo by Alyssa Duty

2. Self-Compassion

A very important piece to being ready for the twists and turns that are coming is being really tuned in to yourself. What are you feeling? What do you need right now? What would be most effective in filling your tank up?

In order to have capacity to care for people around us, in our families, etc. or deal with our own health challenges we need to be filling our tanks now, often, at every opportunity. This looks different for me than for you. What would fill your tank most effectively right now? (Within the new constraints of staying home if at all possible.)

Dr. Kristin Neff, pioneer in self-compassion teaching at The Cedars Ranch, April 2019 | Photo by Alyssa Duty

You can visit Dr. Kristin Neff's website self-compassion.org for some valuable self-compassion guidance and resources.

3. Connect Well

Last week in my Capacity Building Coaching blog post (a sister company to The Cedars Ranch), I wrote about The Loneliness Pill. A dear friend in Ottawa (you know who you are!) had another article come in at the same time about connecting during this time of isolating and social distancing. So poignant. Many of the traditional ideas we would have for connecting do not apply right now. No meals out in restaurants, no dinner parties, potlucks, prayer meetings, sporting events, etc.

Phone calls are important. Somehow turning on a video option though feels important more than ever. Look in to each others’ eyes, with those in your home, via Zoom, FaceTime, whatever you got! The hard reality is that if the next few months go poorly most of us will have or be sick loved ones. Love now. Love well. Don’t be so busy that you don’t make time for what’s most important!

"Love" | Photo by Alyssa Duty

4. Eat Sleep Move and Pray!

It is no secret that our ability to cope with stress and hardship is improved by enough good sleep, eating nutritious food (including immune boosting foods!), exercising and practicing our spiritual practices - be that prayer, meditation, journaling - whatever works best for you. As a writer I’m feeling the need to write right now. Turning off screens for a while before bed is definitely shown to help with the quality of our sleep.

Eat something green, this is the voice of your mother speaking, lol. Seriously, give your body what it needs right now. If up to 70% of the planet may get this virus we need to give our bodies a fighting chance. Online recipe hunting and inspiration can be done without leaving your house. You may have more time now to cook a nice meal than you’ve had for a long time. (Unless you are one of the amazing people offering services to others in crisis right now.)

Attendees enjoying our grounds at our Fierce Self-Compassion event, April 2019 | Photo by Alyssa Duty

5. Be Open, Be Honest, Be Collaborative

Whether it’s Prime Minister Trudeau or Senator Ted Cruz or Tom Hanks, I’ve been impressed by the openness and willingness of public figures to say either that they have been exposed or have tested positive. We are only going to get through this together. Know what you need, be honest about what you are feeling. Err on the side of caution!!!

This is not the time to tough stuff out alone - it is the time to raise your hand and let people offer support. Not talking about our fears, losses, stresses will not help. Our bodies can use vast amounts of energy trying to suppress emotions. Free that energy up! Talk to someone about how you are feeling, often, openly and let people who love you care for you by listening!

Listening and sharing at our Fierce Self-Compassion event, April 2019 | Photo by Alyssa Duty

In closing I want to encourage each of us to think of the resources we each have that we can share to make the lives of those around us easier. As owners of The Cedars Ranch we realize that our outdoor focused wellness property may be just the place someone needs to visit to restore some personal peace. 

Our Great Hall at The Cedars Ranch, Wimberley TX

Please reach out if you are nearby and need to sit in the garden for a bit or rest under an Oak tree.

Our outdoor lounge at The Cedars Ranch | Photo by Cedar and Sage Studios

What can you bring to our global “potluck”? To quote a very old piece of wisdom, “It is in giving that we receive” (Prayer of St. Francis)

Contemplative time in our organic flower garden | Photo by Alyssa Duty

Be well friends, reach out if it’s my ears you want listening to you!


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Our organic flower garden at The Cedars Ranch | Photo by Alyssa Duty

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